At the marketplace a little boy stands in the mud shading his eyes from the sun. Fascinated, he watches the old man showing a red cow to a potential buyer. With affection, the man glides his hands along the back of the cow before letting it disappear into the marketplace with its new owner…

Regardless of whether you deal in cattle at livestock markets, as my grandfather and father did in the 1970s, or you ship hundreds of designer chairs from Copenhagen to São Paolo – the objective is the same; to give your customers an excellent experience that  keeps them coming back ...

Both my father and grandfather had this quality when they traded and cattle all over Denmark. They may not always have agreed with the customer – and they wouldn’t always sell if they were unsure of the animal’s well-being with its new owner. But they were renowned all over the country for what they stood for and for their honest business sense.

NIELSEN Freight is founded on these same classic business virtues, where morals and ethics take precedence over economics. We don’t necessarily have to become Denmark’s largest logistics company. We would rather be the logistics partner that our customers recommend to others – because we have made a positive contribution to the development of their business by raising the bar for innovative logistics solutions.





Morten Steen Nielsen
Owner, NIELSEN Freight

    NIELSEN Freight has become a part of G.O. Transport & Spedition A / S. This will be a advantage for both G.O. Transport as well as NIELSEN...

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