In the world of freight, time can be of the essence.


X2 Critical is a part of X2 Logistics Networks in which NIELSEN Freight is a founding member. X2 Critical is a service where you will always meet a dedicated and professional team ready to help you 24 hours a day 365 days a year and with a setup in both Copenhagen airport and Billund airport (Jutland) we guarantee a time critical service where all shipments are constantly monitored. We make sure that your packages will be delivered quickly, easily and securely - and everywhere in the world.

Time Critical Services consists among others of:

• 24 hours’ service - 365 days a year

• On Board Courier / Hand Carry

• Expedited customs clearance

When you choose NIELSEN Freight, you always get personal service, a global network of innovative and professional partners and, not least, delivery of your goods on time and at the agreed price.   

Expect more from your transport

– we have the solution!   

Book your next freight shipment or contact us for more information on +45 70 20 27 70





















    NIELSEN Freight has become a part of G.O. Transport & Spedition A / S. This will be a advantage for both G.O. Transport as well as NIELSEN...

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