Logistic solutions for entrepreneurs and smaller companies

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Did you just start as an entrepreneur or own a smaller company? NIELSEN ENTREPRENEUR will give you an overview of the logistics and savings on the transport.
With NIELSEN ENTREPRENEUR you receive help to uncover and analyse your needs and expectations regarding your freight solution

But you also get important knowledge regarding rules and security, when you transport goods in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. Our goal is to provide the optimal transport solution for you – also financially.





For instance, can you answer these questions?

  • What are the options for express shipments, and what is required?
  • Are there any requirements to the packaging of the goods?
  • What are the documentation requirements?
  • How do you communicate with the hauler?
  • What is required in the contract with buyer/supplier (Incoterms)?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • How do you read a freight agreement?

These are just some of the many questions a commercial business needs to have the answers to. If you don’t have them, then contacts us on + 45 70 20 27 70 for a free one-hour sparring meeting with our freight consultant.



    NIELSEN Freight has become a part of G.O. Transport & Spedition A / S. This will be a advantage for both G.O. Transport as well as NIELSEN...

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